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No matter the size of your business network, firewalls are a vital piece of your security package. Whether you have two workstations or two buildings full, business networks are a tempting target for criminals who would happily use your customer data and hardware resources for their own nefarious ends. Luckily, Geek Choice offers a wide variety of firewall solutions, and can install and configure whatever you need to keep your office network protected.

Business Network Security

It’s a simple fact that business networks are subject to more online attacks than home networks. Whether an attack is merely attempting to gather zombie machines to use in other illegal activities or trying to gather data for identity fraud, business networks are often a major target. It’s vital to the survival of your business that customer data, such as credit card information, is safe from prying eyes. Firewalls create a barrier between your network and the internet, preventing unauthorized access to your files and systems that can lead to disaster.

Business Firewall Setup

An improperly installed or configured firewall is of no use to you or your business. Whether you choose a software or hardware firewall solution, you need to be sure that your entire network is behind this protection, or your data may still be available to unauthorized users. Our techs know the ins and outs of firewall installation; they’ll help you choose the right product for your network and make sure the setup goes smoothly.

Need more protection? Our page on anti-virus and anti-spyware has more options for protecting your business network.


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Business Network Security Essentials

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Web Filtering

While some companies choose to allow their employees unfettered access to the internet during business hours, many other employers choose to install web filtering software. In addition to improving productivity for easily distracted workers, you’ll be adding another layer of protection to your network. Firewalls and anti-virus software do a good job, but they cannot protect against files that are invited onto your network by unsuspecting employees. Just like at home, safe browsing habits are a key component to keeping your business network free of damaging software, and internet filters can help enforce these rules.

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