The Google Doc is In

If you have not heard about this new word processor, then you have been missing out my friend, because Google Docs competes with Office and is completely online. There are so many benefits to this type of document platform that they are too many to write about in this blog. However, I will try to contain it in simple and easy terms that even a layman could lay down and understand. The centerpiece of Google Docs is the collaboration feature [...]

Office 2010 Adds New Features

If you have not already made the jump to Office 2010, then you are still sitting on the lily pad, with all the other frogs deciding when to jump into something better. The new edition of Office came out last June, changing the way people use the computer and how they conduct their business through it, and now is standard in new PC's. Microsoft Office is really just an easier way to handle multiple operations at once when the operating [...]

Microsoft Office 365 and the Pink Cloud

Today Microsoft Office is on over a billion PC’s around the world. If you work in business or any company, chances are pretty good that email is involved, and Office is perfect for organization and ease of use. Chris Capossela , who is the Senior Vice President of the Microsoft Office Division, has this to say on a new product that might interest users of Microsoft Office, and businessman who either own a small business or work in one. “This is [...]

Staying Safe Means Staying Smart: Change The Magic Password

By Sean Wilcoxson In this world of computers, technology, and the internet where information flows all around us there exist two types of people: surfers and sharks. These are dangerous waters. Just last year there were 2.6 million threats in the form of Trojan and other viruses sent out all over the internet. How are we to keep safe when most of us do not even know what a virus looks like, and what is more, how to stop one. The answer [...]

How to Make Outlook Perform Better, Faster

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook as your email client and you engage in email communication a lot then you may wake up one day and find that Outlook is performing very S-L-O-W-L-Y. This is especially true if you do not split your emails into different PST files. Think of PST files as 'file cabinets'. Sure, you can use folders to separate your email messages, calendar events,  notes and so on but those folders still belong to, say, one file cabinet, [...]

Use Backupify if you’re worried about backing up your online data

We always advise our clients to backup their data. No matter how new their system, the chance of a catastrophic crash is right around the corner, the likes of which possibly resulting in the loss of critical data. Well, in an age where much of our computer use centers around the internet, a good deal of that the data we prize is now stored online, making it difficult to back it up as easily as we would the information [...]

Protecting yourself from email scams

Most of us are already well familiar with the frustrations of spam: unsolicited email advertisements. In recent years, unwanted emails have evolved in an attempt to avoid increasingly advanced filters and wary consumers. The contents and goals of unsolicited emails are not always the same, however, and some emails are more dangerous than others. We've put together a list of red flags to help you quickly identify emails that may be harmful to your computer and your wallet. Suspicious attachments Attaching [...]

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