Technology and Venezuela's Crisis

Technology and Venezuela’s Crisis: The Tech Pool Leaves

So most of us know that Venezuela is in a crisis state. In fact, the people rarely have enough to eat and their lights cut off at any moment. Also, they live under constant fear, from their own leadership. But there's another devastating blow. Technology and Venezuela's crisis: the tech pool leaves. So this is perhaps the biggest resource that this troubled nation is losing: Their IT service and IT support pool. In fact, in recent years, over three million [...]

Headphones For Sale

Headphones For Sale; Headphones For Cheap

So in this tech and IT service era, headphones are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity. So many of us have a smartphone right? Retailers know this. That's why we have so many headphones for sale; and headphones for cheap. So how much will you pay for a noise cancelling wireless headphone? $500? $300? You're in luck. Because now, you can get Treblab's Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones for as little as around $80. They contain 40mm speakers [...]

The Two Centi-Billionaires

The Two Centi-Billionaires. The Common Denominator

So this may deter from IT service and technology talk. If it does, then please forgive me. But there are 7.71 billion people in the world today. Of those, around 2,800 are billionaires. Then of those, only 145 are worth over $10 billion. Guess how many of those 145 are worth over $100 billion: Only two. These are the two centi-billionaires. Here is the common denominator. So the common denominator is IT support. The two centi-billionaires are Amazon king Jeff [...]

Big Tech Should Focus More On Community Good

Big Tech Should Focus More On Community Good

So it's been several weeks since New York City kicked Amazon's second headquarters to the curb. The debate between should they stay or should they go is intense. But I tell you one thing: Big tech should focus more on community good. I think that's the lesson here. Because remember, Amazon asked the city for billions for this to happen. When Amazon asks this, they should know the public outcry will be loud. People from union leaders to congressmen spoke [...]

Introducing The Tiny Claw Drone That Perches

Introducing The Tiny Claw Drone That Perches

So, you can do anything with drones today. Those in IT service know this. You can you them as toys. However, you can use them in natural disasters and save lives. But how can you better use them to transport goods? Here is introducing the tiny claw drone that perches. So these drones have claws that not only carry things, but save battery life. Certain birds, like the owl, or songbird, inspire this feature. So do bats. Because these creatures [...]

Is Elon Musk Losing Confidence?

Is Elon Musk Losing Confidence? I Doubt It.

So Tesla CEO Elon Musk and IT support are pretty much synonymous. But even tech billionaires on his level, and with his genius and innovation, has struggles. Is Elon Musk losing confidence? So let's start with his Model 3 production line, promising 5,000 cars a week. He was going to use AI/robots to do this. Some quarters made this quota, but some didn't. However, here is the problem. These robots didn't really understand some of the parts, like nuts and [...]

Traditional or Digital Advertising

Traditional or Digital Advertising: Ad Game Is Changing

So I started in the computer repair business  in the early 2000s. Back then, our biggest source of advertising was the phone book. But today, phone books rarely exist. I don't need to tell you that. Then I read an article that made me think. Traditional or digital advertising: the ad game is changing. So the article says the inevitable is happening. They predict that 2019 will be the first year companies will spend more on digital ads than tradition [...]

Amazon, China and NetEase

Amazon, China and NetEase: Is This Merger Necessary?

So just when you think you know it all about IT support giant Amazon. Here is something else. Amazon operated deeply in China since the mid 2000s. This is an article about Amazon, China and NetEase. So according to tech media reports, Amazon is talking with merging it's Chinese import business. The company they plan to merge with is a massive Chinese online company they call Kaola. Also consider that an online Chinese mega store they call NetEase owns Kaola. [...]

A Bad Week For Amazon and Jeff Bezos

A Bad Week For Amazon and Jeff Bezos

So everybody knows Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is heading for divorce. He's one of the greatest IT support legends of all-time. But public divorce alone is bad enough. Then add these next two events. It adds up to a bad week for Amazon and Jeff Bezos the IT service billionaire. So Bezos accused AMI, a media company that owns the National Enquirer, of blackmail. I had no idea National Enquirer still existed. But on to the story...Bezos said [...]

UK Government Supports Driverless Cars

UK Government Supports Driverless Cars

So we all know one of the next big thins in IT service is the driverless car. In America, IT support corporations and tech billionaires are working on it. But what about world government? Well, the UK government supports driverless cars. So they will back up trials of these that won't have human drivers. They will also use these driverless car tests to study tech's evolution. However, their goal is to have such cars on the road in public [...]

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