Preventative Maintenance

preventative maintenance

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Often times we take for granted all of the various, delicate parts that must work together to create the computers we depend on for work and entertainment. That is, until a catastrophic failure occurs. Having a broken down computer is incredibly frustrating and can waste hours if not days of time spent isolating and repairing the problem parts and replacing them. Rather than put up with the hassle of a breakdown, Geek Choice recommends scheduling regular preventive maintenance for your computer. It can even extend the life of your hardware!

Computer Cleaning

Keeping the interior of your computer clean is a bothersome task, but it’s a big part of keeping your hardware in working condition longer. Dust and other foreign objects that find their way into your case can block cooling fans — leading to overheating — or even cause a short circuit. It’s a danger for laptops and desktops alike. Our techs also have the appropriate tools to clean your delicate monitor without causing damage.

Hardware Checkups

All hardware is subject to the negative effects of time. Geek Choice techs can run tests to make sure that all of your hardware is still functioning properly. If checked regularly, your tech may even be able to catch a failing hard drive before it’s stopped working completely, making data salvage a breeze. We can also help you choose the right hardware to replace inadequate or failing parts. Check out our page on upgrading your computer to learn more about your options for replacement hardware.

Software Maintenance

The physical parts of your machine aren’t the only things that can get cluttered up. Your computer can wind up overwhelmed by junk software, fragments of leftover code, even viruses and malware that evaded your notice. Regular preventive maintenance from our qualified professionals will get this junk out of your way and off of your hard drive, leading to better performance.


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