Six Year Old vs Amazon

Six Year Old vs Amazon: Cute or Warning Sign?

So all parents cherish a child's first...first steps, first words, first day of kindergarten, first scam. Wait...first what?! Yes, a six year old child scammed Amazon. Six year old vs Amazon: cute or warning sign? So let me explain. For her sixth birthday, her mom let little Caitlyn order a Barbie doll from her mother's account. She did. But this was when mommy was watching. However, she asked her mom could she look and track the Barbie's package. This is [...]

Last Minute Holiday Tech Gifts

Last Minute Holiday Tech Gifts: For 2017

It's four days until Christmas. But you don't know to get that person on your list. However, you do know you're not getting anybody that $1,000 iPhone X. At least I hope not. But here are last minute holiday tech gifts: for 2017. One of the biggest IT support gadget crazes this year is the voice assistant. And if you think it's too expensive, then Google and Amazon can help your dilemma. Because both Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo [...]

Wisconsin Representative

Wisconsin Representative Says We Don’t Need Interntet

As you know, Congress helped kill online privacy. So this means ISP's (Internet service providers) can share their customer's history with whoever and whenever. But one Congressman blew everyone away. This Wisconsin representative says we don't need Internet. The Wisconsin Representative's name is Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.). So there was a town meeting. The ISP issue comes up. One man argued ISP companies should be face stricter rules protecting privacy. But nobody will forget the Congressman's reply. He stated, "Nobody's [...]

Geek Squad

Geek Squad: Are You Spying On Us?

How many remember the TV show Chuck from the late 2000s and early 2010s? It was about a consumer servicing man who was an undercover agent. But computer repair company Geek Squad allegedly has undercover agents, too. Geek Squad: Are you spying on us? So here is the story. Tech news website Techdirt tweeted on this subject. Consequently, they say the FBI paid Geek Squad technicians. Their mission: to investigate crime on their customers. Techdirt isn't the only one talking about [...]

What Does That Emoji Say

What Does That Emoji Say?

Let's talk about the emoji. They're everywhere: Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, all other social media. You may think you're sending a smiling, loving, or funny emoji. But some studies are saying that emoji could be easily misinterpreted. A study was done at a GroupLens lab through the University of Minnesota. They observed the Emoji 'Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes'. This one differs, depending what app and what device you use. The version of this particular emoji on Samsung Galaxy looks [...]

Tech April Fool Pranks of 2016

Tech April Fool Pranks of 2016

Another April Fools Day has come and gone. The tech world did it's part. Let's look at some of the most memorable April fools' pranks of 2016. Let's start with Google. Over the years, the Internet giant has given us some of the most memorable pranks ever! This year, not so much. They came up with the GMail Mic Drop. They advertised this as a way to have the last word to reply emails. Once you send the response, you'll [...]

Want An Accent With That Phone

Want An Accent With That Phone?

Smartphone uses love Siri and other phone voices. We Americans are fascinated with accents, whether it be from other parts of the country or foreign nations. There's technology to combine both. Eventually, that robotic smartphone voice is going to get tired. For some, it already may be tiresome. Now, your phone can speak in a British accent. This works for both Apple and Android based devices. For iPhone, open Settings, the Siri, then Siri voice, and choose the accent option. [...]

Star Wars Waffle

As most of you know, the Star Wars franchise will release it seventh installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in December 2015. Who wants Star Wars for breakfast? Now you can with the Star Wars waffle. That's right. For around $30, you can get a waffle maker that produces this breakfast staple in the shape of Death Star. Finally, you can begin your day with the planet destroying menacing military battle station staring at you. For no extra charge, you [...]

iPad, iPhone, and Smart Device Repairs

Top Ten Tech Halloween Costumes

It's Halloween again. Still deciding what your costume should be? We at Geek Choice are here to help with our top ten tech Halloween costumes. 10. Steve Jobs: With the biopic out, why not? He's pretty simple to pull off: glasses, black turtleneck, New Balance sneakers, jeans. 9. Black/White/Gold Dress: Over the past year, this head-scratching color changing dress has been a social media icon. 8. Any Mortal Kombat X Character: It's the top selling video game of the year and even [...]

The Undesirable Emoji

Everyone loves the emoji. What better way to express yourself than the cute little faces and symbols one can put in emails and social media posts? But there is new emoji coming out that isn't so cute. The undesirable emoji I refer to is the middle finger emoji. It's officially called Unicode 7. It took 15 months for it to be approved. It will be available on iOS 9.1. At the Apple conference last Wednesday, a lot of new emoji [...]

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