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Tired of unplugging your computer, dragging it into your car, and then driving to get a repair done in rush hour traffic? When you call Geek Choice®, we eliminate all of that hassle. The trained professionals at Jacksonville Computer Repair are ready to come right to your door or office, 7 days a week, and all within 24 hours of your call. We appreciate that everyone works hard for their money, and computer repairs can be expensive, so go take a look at our coupons page to look at our discounts. Our Geeks do it all, no matter how complex or simple. We get out to you fast, and get your problem diagnosed and fixed quick. your system back online quickly.

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Our technicians can service you at your home or business in the Greater Jacksonville area.

Internet Connections

More and more people are working from home today, taking work home, or making their money through online businesses. This makes having fast and reliable internet essential. If your internet connection is down, slow, or intermittent, this costs you valuable time and money. You can’t get those important work documents completed on time, invoices sent out to your customers, or even important school assignments done for the students who depend heavily on the internet, without internet. The Geeks at Geek Choice handle the issues that keep you offline and cut off from the modern world, and have experience with it all.

On-Site PC Service Jacksonville

Is the network in your office home office down? With the economy being so competitive today, you can’t afford to give the competition the edge. . If you have a home office, a storefront, or if you use your computers at home for personal and professional reasons, we know time is money, and that you need to get back up and running…FAST!

Computer Service Jacksonville

If you need any hardware or software issues taken care of, a system or network set up, or even a diagnosis of why your printer, fax, or scanner are not working…we are there to help. Our professionals get you up and running.

Data Backup

If you have ever suffered an unexpected hard drive crash, you know how important it is to have a reliable data backup. It doesn’t matter what caused the issue, all that matters is all of your important data and documents are gone. At Geek Choice, we will help you with the best data backup system for you, so whether your hard drive fails due to a power surge cause by Mother Nature, or a hard or if it’s a hardware issue, we will be sure that you never suffer the devastating loss of your data again.

Data Backup Jacksonville and Data Recovery Jacksonville

We’ve all been there, we are working on that big proposal for our finals, we are doing the finishing touches on that big project that’s sure to get you that promotion, you are making the final edits for that customer who’s going to literally hand you a burlap bag with a money symbol – when it happens. It could be a hard drive crash, a power surge, an earthquake, or one hundred other things but all your work is gone and you didn’t back it up. If you haven’t felt that wave of icy shock and terror, then you have got to prepare because it does happen. Call us up, PC Service Jacksonville can setup an automated backup solution for you. Our technicians can make sure you never have to feel that feeling.

That is just the basics of what our technicians are able to do for you and your company. Any computer repair issues you have to deal with, give us a ring. We’re geeks after all. Fixing computers is what we love to do.

But that’s not all we do. Any computer repair issue you have, call us. We are computer geeks after all and solving computer problems is what we do.

When we say we cover all the Greater Jacksonville area we mean all of it. Including
  • Arlingwood
  • Beachwood
  • Englewood
  • Lakewood
  • Neptune Beach
and many more!
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