What Is 5G Technology?

What Is 5G Technology? LA Conference Tackles The Issue.

So in the next two days, there will be a technology/IT support conference. The GSMA sponsors it. However, one of the main topics will be 5G technology. What is 5G technology? This LA conference tackles the issue. So that's hard for even us to explain. I think most of us know that most mobile tech run on 4G, a fourth generation of broadband. Well, that kinda explains what 5G is. But experts say 5G will be 50x faster and hold [...]

Facebook Sets A Record (This One Ain’t Good)

So yesterday, Facebook made IT support history. But it's probably the worst kind of history a company can make. Facebook sets a record (this one ain't good). Yesterday, Facebook lost around $150 billion in 90 minutes! Facebook leaders told stockholders and the public they expect a slowdown. They also expect this slowdown to last for years. These are things no Facebook stockholder wants to hear. Then the selloff began, and kept up for the last 90 minutes of the trading [...]

Iranian Women Use Social Media

Iranian Women Use Social Media To Protest

So a few day ago, the Iranian government arrested 18-year old Iran citizen Maedeh Hojabri. But what was her crime? Simply dancing on Instagram in casual clothes! But now, other Iranian women use social media to protest this arrest. Because in Iran, the sharia law government has strict rules against women dancing on social media. However, Hojabri has over 300 Instagram videos of her dancing to Iranian and American pop music. Soon, the government arrested her and 3 others for [...]

NBA All Star Game

NBA All Star Game Used As A Technology Platform

So this past weekend, they had their NBA All Star game. But it's just more than the game itself; there are tons of other festivities. However, there was one you probably didn't know about. The NBA All Star game used as a technology platform. They called the platform BIG, meaning Business Inside the Game. One of the hosts was NBA all-star Baron Davis. Then add Lyft co-founder John Zimmer, Moviepass co-founder Hamet Watt, and rapper/actor turned entrepreneur Ice Cube. There [...]

Happy Birthday GIF

Happy Birthday GIF

Yesterday was a horrible day. We had shootings in Alexandria, VA and San Francisco. Then we had an inferno in London. There was also a deadly mudslide in Bangladesh. But I'm here to talk happy news. As in happy birthday GIF. So GIF means Graphics Interchange Format. On June 15, 1987, Steve Wilhite created the GIF. In 1987, he worked at CompuSave. The company asked him to make color images for files people can download. So in 1987, he came [...]

Microsoft Fixes Potential Disaster

Microsoft Fixes Potential Disaster; Or Did They?

When it comes to Malware, Microsoft does better at protecting themselves then most. But even they must watch their back. Because there is a new, powerful and scary threat looming over Microsoft, especially the anti-malware system. Microsoft fixes potential disaster, or did they? Researchers say this threat is so powerful it bypasses any security. Then, it turns over your whole computer system to a hacker. But this threat needs a 'specific crafted file'. They send this bad file either through [...]


CenturyLink Purchases Level 3

There is another tech merger to report. Internet service provider CenturyLink purchases Level 3. Level 3 is also an ISP and telecommunications provider.  What does this mean? As a result, this merger means competition for AT&T. After AT&T's merger, they really need competition right now. But how much will this cost CenturyLink? Consequently, this will cost them $34 billion in cash and stocks. This deal will also pay off all debts. Furthermore, this deal equips CenturyLink to handle heavy, heavy [...]


Airbnb Addresses Racial Discrimination

When CEO Brian Chesky created Airbnb in 2014, he wanted to create a space for all to belong. Airbnb is a network where people open their homes to travelers for a moderate nightly fee. But not everyone is feeling the love. Airbnb came under scrutiny last week. An ugly incident of racial discrimination surfaced in North Carolina. A black guest had booked to stay at a white person's home through Airbnb. When the homeowner discovered the guest was African-American, not [...]


Iran Wants To Control Data

As many of you know, Iran is one of the most isolated and censored nations in the world. Under strict sharia law, the people can't enjoy many of the freedoms we Americans take for granted. This includes technology and social media. The Iranian government blocks social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. In recent years, more people have been using global software to access them. Maybe that's why Iran's government is making their move. Effective May 29, their [...]


Tech Unicorns Moving Overseas

Let me make it clear: I'm not talking about mystical horses with horns flying in the clouds. When I say tech unicorns, I'm talking about tech companies, not on the stock market, but can still be worth billions. These tech unicorns are moving and flying overseas. Mainstream news from CNN to Vanity Fair declare tech unicorns are on the endangered species list. The trend started in 2015. The volatile start in 2016 isn't helping matters either. Only one tech company [...]

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