Another Facebook Update

I know, if you were just born then this is already old news about Facebook being used for everything except actually living your life. But quit running from the truth and acting like you are too good for such a thing as being social on a network. The truth is that Facebook is instantaneous information in your face internet intensity. The internet is supposed to be all of that allowing people across the globe to communicate with each other [...]

Privacy Protection: What Privacy?

They do not call it the "World Wide Web" for nothing. It is a spider-web, and it is world wide the information that is about you and is out there for everyone to see, if they really wanted to. The spider on the web is anyone who searches your name using different programs or services provided online, and it is amazing what comes up. Say someone wants to know what you are up to. By tracking the electronic foot prints [...]

Remember Netscape? It’s Back!

A new internet browser has hit the scene of an already crowded stage. It goes by the name of Rockmelt, and it is a change from the regular browser scheme. What Rockmelt does is use your Facebook ID to log onto the browser, anywhere in the world, and allow you to surf the net faster and easier. Behind the stage of internet browsers is the maker of Netscape. Has everyone forgot about this guy? Well he is back, and [...]

Wi-Fi Expands Into New Territory

By Sean Wilcoxson The world of Wi-Fi has come a long way since its inception 11 years ago. Today there are over 700 million users with 1 billion devices hooked up to it increasing at a rate of 8 million new devices a year. Stores everywhere offer the easy use of Wi-Fi with 750,00o hot spots around the globe; getting plugged in and surfing the net on your phone, laptop, iPod, and iPad makes business, communication, and life better. Life keeps [...]

Microsoft Office 365 and the Pink Cloud

Today Microsoft Office is on over a billion PC’s around the world. If you work in business or any company, chances are pretty good that email is involved, and Office is perfect for organization and ease of use. Chris Capossela , who is the Senior Vice President of the Microsoft Office Division, has this to say on a new product that might interest users of Microsoft Office, and businessman who either own a small business or work in one. “This is [...]

Specify which programs users can run in Windows 7

If you’re the administrator of a shared computer on which you have multiple users, you very well could be someone who wants that computer used for a specific purpose, wanting to limit access to a select few applications. This is especially true of businesses where lapses in productivity could be a concern. You could be a manager looking to have your network administrator to craft a means of increasing the productivity of employees, or you might be a parent [...]

Want FREE WiFi during your Holiday Travels?

Though many us will be traveling over the holidays, we’re still bound by our responsibilities at work, with wireless access keeping us connected to the office wherever we find ourselves. Even if you’re not obligated to work during your vacation, you might still be one of millions who’re hopelessly addicted to the internet, needing access on the fly. If you’re looking for free WiFi access while traveling, PC World has compiled a wonderfully informative list of nationwide businesses offering WiFi [...]

An easy and safe way to test Google Public DNS

Announced a couple of weeks ago, Google has recently rolled out with Google Public DNS, which is a said to increase the speed at which you browse the internet. Completely free, Google’s service replaces your Internet Service Provider’s DNS with theirs. If you’re someone that feels uneasy when messing with the settings associated with your router and internet connection, you might be interested in an extremely easy-to-use application that gives you an opportunity to test Google’s Public DNS and determine [...]

Google Public DNS

Google offers a Public (and free!) DNS

If you’re looking to see your web browsing pick up its pace a few notches, Google is rolling out with a new service that aims to introduce faster browsing speeds – and, like all of their innovative rollouts, it’s completely free. It’s called Google Public DNS, and the company has offered a brief explanation of just what DNS does: “Most of us aren't familiar with DNS because it's often handled automatically by our Internet Service Provider (ISP), but it provides an [...]

DirectAccess Replaces VPN for Windows 7

Microsoft has unveiled Direct Access for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, remotely connecting users to their office as if they were right there. Establishing bi-directional connectivity with the user’s enterprise network, this solution keeps them connected to their office, forging a link each time the user’s computer – provided it’s enabled by DirectAccess – is connected to the internet. As the workforce transforms, with the information age evolving at a rapid pace, the needs of an organization adapt accordingly. [...]

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