Twitter changes

Twitter changes

From what I have read Twitter is expanding its timeline. They are testing out new design changes which will make the main Twiiter timeline expand so you can see media and related information right in the timeline instead of it being off to the side or off to another page. It is suppose to be a subtle change and it should simplify something that is already a simple service. You can “open” up a tweet to see how many people retweeted it, the threaded conversation related to that tweet, or related photos and videos. For instance, here is a screenshot of a reply tweet along with the original tweet. You will notice that the star, retweet, and reply buttons have also been moved to the top right. And you can close the tweet to go back to the main timeline view. Many Twitter clients have long included inline media, and it is encouraging to see Twitter trying to figure out how to make it part of the official experience.

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