Apple Cracks Down on iPhone Scammers

Apple Cracks Down on iPhone Scammers

So do you own an iPhone? Did you ever pay hundred of dollars for an app? Also, here's another question: Do you have to pay $5 a week for an app? It may not seem like much, but it adds up. That's why Apple cracks down on iPhone scammers. But paying for Apps, especially that much, seem to be going out of style. However, there are still complaints from customers and computer repair experts. They talk about 'dark patterns'. That [...]

The 2018 Email Virus

The 2018 Email Virus: This Is A Security Alert

So any good IT service person should warn you if something harmful is coming. Just like any travel guide should warn you of bad neighborhoods and places. So something harmful is coming. In fact, it's already here. The 2018 email virus: this is a security alert. In the past month, we saw 38 email virus threats. I won't name them all because many of their names are too hard to pronounce. They all fall under the virus, worm, and/or Trojan [...]

Fake Ad Blocker

Fake Ad Blocker: Check Your Google Account Now!

So you put an ad blocker in your Google account. But now you can't find it. There is probably a good reason for that. It could be because of a fake ad blocker. Check your Google account now! So this warning started with a story AdGuard's blog released. In it, they exposed fake extensions that used extra code. They feed on the info of websites you visit, almost like some monster out of a swamp that yearns to get bigger. [...]

Nude Celebrity Photos

Nude Celebrity Photos Are Leaked…Again

So today is 'The Fappening' day. They call it this because three years ago, hackers broke in many celebrities' iCloud accounts. Then, they blasted their most intimate photos online for the world to see. But today, they're at it again. Nude celebrity photos are leaked...again. Several reports say hackers leaked new nude photos of A-listers. Such celebrities include Tiger Woods, Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Vonn. However, guess who many believe the culprit to be? The suspect website is...wait [...]

Google Docs Alert

Google Docs Alert: Massive Phishing Scam

This is a Google Docs alert. At least, the past few days were like this. I say this because a massive phishing scam took over Google Docs this week. Hence, Google Docs shut down for an hour two days ago. So hackers sent an email with a link. Here is one scary part: They sent it in the name of someone you know and trust. Then, you clicked on the link. You got a real Google Apps page. But then, [...]

Americans and Cyber Security

Americans and Cyber Security: We Must Do Better

How much do you know about cyber security? If you're like most Americans, then not much. But in this world of constant hacking and espionage, that needs to change. Americans and cyber security: We must do better. So the Pew Research Center came up with a quiz. This quiz tested what Americans know about online security. Apparently, it's not much. There were ten questions.  Consequently, of those who took the tests, 58% got more than half the test wrong. Another [...]

phish scammer

Alert: Phish Scammers Target Cell Phones

About a month ago, I talked about phish scammers targeting Google emails. But recently, police officers across the country warn us of another scheme. They give us this alert: Phish scammers target cell phones. So this is how they do it. The phish scammers call cell phones. Then, they ask the person, "Can you hear me?" The person says 'yes'. Then the scammers record the 'yes'. Furthermore, they use that unintentional 'yes' to authorize charges you really didn't agree to. [...]

GMail Phishing Scheme

GMail Phishing Scheme: Consumer Beware!

These phishers and hackers are getting smarter and smarter. But this one takes the cake. There is a phishing scheme that even tech-savvy email users are falling for. It's the GMail Phishing Scheme: consumer beware! So this is how it works. The phisher sends an email to your account. Also, the email could come from a previous victim. Furthermore, you probably know the previous victim. Then, you get an image to click on. If you click on, they'll have you [...]

Phishing Schemes

How To Avoid Those Phishing Schemes

It's just a few shopping days until Christmas. And we in computer repair and IT service are just as excited as you are. But so are hackers and online scam artist. So don't make their Christmas a merry one. Here's how to avoid those phishing schemes. First of all, let's go over what to look out for, such as shipping labels. Because of online shopping, they will deliver lots of gifts. I know it's tempting to open up that email [...]


Great Britain, Kiss Your Online Freedom Goodbye

Ever hear of the Investigatory Powers Bill? Probably not. So, this bill passed in Great Britain. It went through the House of Commons and House of Lords (their version of Congress and Senate). So Great Britain, kiss your online freedom goodbye. That's because the Investigatory Powers Bill tightens Great Britain's surveillance laws. It's their biggest surveillance law passed this decade. British Home Secretary Theresa May introduced the bill in November 2015. But supporters claim good reason for this bill. They [...]

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