Disturbing iPhone Photo

Disturbing iPhone Photo Causes Flight Problems

So there are a lot of iPhone/social media wiseguys out there (that's not a compliment). I think we all know of the 'food licking' challenge on social media. But what I'm talking about is far worse. This disturbing iPhone photo causes flight problems. The flight is Jet Blue Flight 573 from Newark to Tampa. This occurred Sunday July 14. They scheduled take off was for 7:45 am. But those plans changed quickly when somebody sent pictures of suicide vests [...]

Trump Signs National Emergency to

Trump Signs National Emergency to Protect Computer Tech.

So you still don't think the US trade war with China has anything to do with your little world? You better think again. This is especially if you're in the IT support world. Because US President Donald Trump signs national emergency to protect computer tech. So basically, this emergency deals with potential threats on our communications. Also, the threats are specifically from foreign entities. Though the document didn't say so, China is that foreign entity, especially their IT service [...]

WannaCry's Second Anniversary.

WannaCry’s Second Anniversary. Did We Learn?

So let me start off by saying Happy Anniversary. Okay, that's sarcastic, because for the IT service world, this one is nothing to celebrate. It's WannaCry's second anniversary. Did we learn? So let's turn back time. On May 13, 2017, The WannaCry virus spread globally like a raging wildfire. But great Britain got the worst of it. It almost shut down hospitals, transportation, and governments. Some hackers took over user's files and other sensitive info. However, they didn't demand cash. [...]

New York City Teenager

New York City Teenager Files Lawsuit Against Apple

So a New York City teenager files lawsuit against Apple. At the heart of this fight is Apple's facial recognition. The young man is sewing for $1 billion. So the young man's name is Ousmane Bah, and he is 18. His lawsuit says Apple's facial recognition made him a target of false accusations. The suit also says that last year, a Boston court summoned him on theft charges. The summons claimed he stole over $1,200 worth of Apple products. [...]

Facebook Venerability Exposed

Facebook Venerability Exposed

So Facebook is in hot water again. But this time, it's due to a potential security leak. It's another Facebook venerability exposed. So here it is. A cyber security firm they call Up Guard discovered over 500 million Facebook records in a public server. To be more specific, a media company in Mexico named Cultura Collectiva left such records in an Amazon S3 server. These records include names, comments, posts, and likes. It may not sound like much. But [...]

Android Fights Dangerous Apps

Android Fights Dangerous Apps And Security Threats

So for many years, a weakness of Android has been security. In fact, stat after stat says their cyber security is weaker than rival Apple's. But now, there are over two billion Android smartphones out there. I have one myself, so do many others in IT service. That's why Android fights dangerous apps and security threats. So I read some interesting numbers today. They even gave an annual report of their security. Now, 0.o4% of Google's apps are potentially harmful. That's [...]


Are Medtronic Defibrillators Dangerous?

So let me start off explaining what a defibrillator is. It's a device that sends electric shocks to the heart. It's an IT service that can literally mean life or death. They put it in the patient's chest, and use it to correct things like irregular heartbeats. This sounds great, but Homeland Security issues a warning. Are Medtronic defibrillators dangerous? So Medtronic is a company that manufacturers health devices.  In fact, Medtronic is the world's most popular health device maker. [...]

Now, Facebook Cares About Your Privacy

Now, Facebook Cares About Your Privacy

So, a miracle is taking place in the IT support world. After years of scandal and scrutiny, from Russia hacking allegations to Cambridge Analytica, Facebook vows to do something about it. Now, Facebook cares about your privacy. So on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his plan to make Facebook more secure for all. This includes encrypting messages. This also could include combining Facebook services. I'm talking about things like WhatsApp and Instagram. Also, soon you can send messages using [...]

Consumer Alert: The Momo Suicide Challenge

Consumer Alert: The Momo Suicide Challenge

So I guess most of you know about the Momo challenge. A strange creepy like figure comes on your child's social media, without warning. Then that figure challenges them to either harm or kill themselves. Consumer alert: The Momo suicide challenge. So Momo targets children. Then, if that isn't sick enough, Momo interrupts the most innocent of You Tube Kids shows. I'm talking about kids shows like Peppa Pig  and Doc McStuffins. The sociopaths behind Momo do this on purpose [...]

Should the USA Prepare For A Cyberattack?

Should The USA Prepare For A Cyberattack?

So let me give this disclaimer now. This article is not to scare anyone. But in these global volatile times, we, even us in the IT support and computer repair world should prepare for anything. I heard Putin's address to Russia, and it was terrifying. Then I ask myself: Should the USA prepare for a cyberattack? So many tech and intelligent experts say Russia and China can now launch huge cyberattacks. They can attack our electric grid and oil pipelines, [...]

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