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New Years Resolutions

7 New Years Resolutions to make for your PC

New Years Resolutions are everywhere this time of year. Everyone else makes them, but when it comes down to actually doing it, people rarely follow through. Those of us that frequent our local gym, will have it inundated with people for the first month, maybe two,  and then like magic, everyone is gone. So why don't people just make New Years Resolutions that they can stick to? Things that are easy, and that don't take a ton of your [...]

Geek Choice Computer Repair

Geek Choice’s 1st ever Computer Repair Commercial

    Geek Choice in commercials? Yes my friends it is true. Meet Joe, our technical manager here at Geek Choice. Joe is the friendly face you will normally see if you pop into our Beacon Hill office in Boston, MA. And more than likely he will be the one saving your bacon when you computer goes down.  We often sit here on our blog and give you the latest and greatest in technology day after day, but every now and [...]

Labor Day

Missing Labor Day already…

Labor Day is a fun holiday for most people. You get a long weekend, spend time with your family, BBQ's, you name it. It also marks the end of the summer for most people. Which means back to school for students and teachers. And on days like today, the end of vacation season and back to the grind for business people like lawyers and major corporations. Some of you are starting off your collegiate career today, and others are [...]

iphone6 schematics

iPhone6 Schematics Possibly leaked

You hear it out there in the wind every time a new iPhone is coming out, "it's gonna have a bigger screen!" In the end, Apple makes the screen .01 inches bigger and tells you that it is because the measurements are ideal to fit in your hand. The iPhone6 comes with the same rumors, BIGGER SCREEN. But we have an image of claimed Foxconn schematics of the iPhone6 with a 4.7 inch screen. This makes it far more [...]

You Tube Outhsines Hollywood

YouTube Outshines Hollywood

I had a feeling this day would come. A popular magazine asked young people ages 13-18 who are their favorite celebrities today. Over 1,500 teens were asked to choose their favorite celebrities based on approachability, authenticity, and positive influence, among other qualities. Of the top 20 celebs that made the list, the top five were You Tube personalities. In fact, half of those who made the list were YouTube stars. That's Right folks YouTube Outshines Hollywood! The top 5 You [...]

Facebook Messanger1

Facebook Messenger is #1…Twice

Ever see a movie or TV show that is so bad you can't help but go see it again? Is the Facebook Messenger App in that category? The Facebook Messenger app is the number one free app in the App Store today. It also has the dreaded one star rating. Many people are very upset since Facebook forced Apple and Android device users into Facebook Messenger. This app is nothing new. It was created in 2011, but users have been [...]

Yahoo and Encryption

Yahoo and Encryption

Yahoo is one of the most popular email service providers today. It's also one of the most hacked. Now Yahoo is fighting back. At a Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, Yahoo officials announced end-to-end capabilities for all Yahoo Mail users. This should be ready in 2015. End-to-end encryption is like a narrow tunnel exclusively for the email sender and receiver, squeezing uninvited parties like cyber hackers and dare I say it, government agencies out. The ironic thing is, [...]

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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Computer Repair Man

#1- You've Been Searching for Hours, but still can't find the "Any" Key Chances are if you think that the "any" key exists, when you get hit with a virus, you're not going to be able to remove it yourself. And to the best of our knowledge here the "tab" key never dispenses soda, as awesome as that would be. If you are having problems setting up a new computer, Geek Choice is the one to call! #2 Someone told you [...]


Is This Russian Censorship?

Russia is enforcing new rules on Internet bloggers. As of today, August 1, all blogs having at least 3,000 readers a day will face stricter government scrutiny, such as ban of explicit language, this seems like Russian Censorship to me. This new code nicknamed Bill on Bloggers was signed by Russian president Putin in May 2014. Any blogger with 3,000+ visitors a day must register with Russian government watchdog Roskomnadzor. They'll be under the same restrictions as mainstream journalist. Restrictions [...]


Comcast vs. Customer Service

Comcast is the largest and most respected cable provider, Internet service provider, and one of the biggest telephone service providers in the world. Despite all these accomplishments, Comcast is one of the most hated companies today, and a customer service episode doesn't help matters much. Controversy and fallout continue after an embarrassing service call. A customer named Ryan Block calls to cancel his Comcast service. Instead of complying with Block's wants, the Comcast rep demands, borderline bullies Block, for an [...]

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