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Labor Day

Missing Labor Day already…

Labor Day is a fun holiday for most people. You get a long weekend, spend time with your family, BBQ's, you name it. It also marks the end of the summer for most people. Which means back to school for students and teachers. And on days like today, the end of vacation season and back to the grind for business people like lawyers and major corporations. Some of you are starting off your collegiate career today, and others are [...]

Lessons from Microsoft/Danger and T-Mobile’s Sidekick Fiasco

You may have already heard about the colossal failure of Microsoft and Danger's "cloud" system, resulting in the loss of roughly 800,000 T-Mobile users' cell phone data. The unique method T-mobile employed to manage their customers data experienced a catastrophic failure on October 5th and while questions still loom as to how this could have occurred the take home lesson for all computer users is plain as day: always backup your data properly. Sidekick data was not stored long term [...]

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