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The Keys and The Programs

Here at Geek Choice we try to help the people who might not be so computer-savvy or people who are new to using them. At this blog, that is our mission: to instruct, to teach, and to educate everyone who is interested in knowing certain tips, tricks, and general information from everything to viruses and security to basic functions. For today, let's look at taking "Control" of your computer. The key located directly at the bottom left of your keyboard [...]

Is Your Computer Feeling Bloated? New Beano Software

by Sean Wilcoxson A new PC utility enables users to slim up there computer and cut down on all those programs you do not need which fills up disk space. “Bloatware”, or software bloat, is a term that is used to describe the unnecessary features that are not being used but takes up valuable space on your computer. In the beginning, back in the 1970’s, every byte was accounted for because disk space was like gold not to be wasted. It [...]

Youtube Disco is now open..

That quintessential streaming service, Youtube, has just launched a music delivery system called Youtube Disco. Something of an addendum to their already impressive catalog of music videos, this service is still in its infancy, which becomes obvious when you notice its lack of more advanced options available elsewhere. Still, it serves its fundamental purpose -- which is to stream music. Easy to use, you’re given two options for your music search: You can search for an artist and all of the [...]

This is for the writers amongst you..

Being a writer, distractions have always been problematic, their intrusion on the process of writing an annoyance that can often render a presumably easy writing task into one that occupies more time than you'd like. CreaWriter is a very helpful tool that frees you of the many distractions that exist when using a word processor. Whether it’s that flashing icon in your task bar or the minimized Firefox tab that’s calling your attention, the modern experience of writing has become [...]

Tabberwocky improves Firefox tabs

Well, here I am with another Firefox extension. Like the one I touched upon earlier today, this is an add-on that will greatly enhance how you use the internet with this popular browser. Looking for a simple means of customizing how your tabs appear and function in Firefox? This is the extension you’ve been searching for. Called Tabberwocky, this extension builds upon the functionality of your tabs to an impressive degree, altering everything from their appearance to how you navigate between each [...]

Give Firefox a little breathing room

When using an internet browser, be it Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Mozilla’s Firefox, you’ve probably used the full screen option that’s available when pressing F11. This is great for those of you who want a bit more breathing room while viewing the content. Yet, in spite of how liberating that option can be, there are those times when you’d like to have some your browsing features available – such as the status bar or the address field. As in the [...]

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