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Google Acquires Songza

Songza is a free music streaming group, heavily based on consumers' playlist. They could play anything from your favorite workout songs to your favorite decade. Now they're playing to Google's tune. Google has purchased Songza. Rumors are flying about how much: some say $15 million and some say $39 million. What make Songza different from most online radio is that Songza uses lots of data about what people like to listen to, down to the time of day, location, even [...]

Chromium Operating System: Coming to a Computer Near You

Yes, you have heard correct my friend: Google has announced the release of Chromium OS during the holidays of this year. This is a cloud based operating system, the first of its kind, and it is designed to let the user access it from anywhere. There is also a notebook called the CR-48, which is exclusively a Chrome OS notebook, sources say Acer and Samsung have dibs, the release expected in mid-2011. The new operating system will have to contend [...]

Firefox 4 Threatens to End the Browser War

In a recent blog post about the browser war going on between Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, it looked as if Chrome was winning the battles and taking over. But as in war, the victor only seems to win, thus catapulting us back into the firing lines of these fast and ever-advancing browsers all competing for the top spot on the world's computer. Firefox is pumping out these new versions, with this new release being the seventh beta [...]

Google DocVerse Diversifies MS Office

There is a new cloud on the horizon, and it is in the shape of an office. It is called Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, and it is going to be a huge advancement in how people conduct their business and personal lives. DocVerse is a startup company that was bought by Google last March, and now is getting a chance to shine through integration into a widely used application for email. The combination of a program like Google [...]

The Google Doc is In

If you have not heard about this new word processor, then you have been missing out my friend, because Google Docs competes with Office and is completely online. There are so many benefits to this type of document platform that they are too many to write about in this blog. However, I will try to contain it in simple and easy terms that even a layman could lay down and understand. The centerpiece of Google Docs is the collaboration feature [...]

Google Chrome is Shiny with Version 8

On and on it goes, updates to better and faster versions of an already decent web browser from Google. Chrome is what homies would call "Bling Bling", or "Fresh", since right now it is rising to the top with all the new gear. Just what is the new gear, and how does it apply to your life? That is exactly what Geek Choice Blogs is here for: to answer any of those perplexing questions that you might have concerning your [...]

The Real Story of Google

How many times have you heard people say, when they are trying to find out some information on a question they themselves cannot answer, "I'll just 'Google' it!"? They type the words in the search box, and like magic 100,000,000 results come up for asking the 'meaning of life'. Google is actually in the dictionary as verb! Behind Google Lines Who is behind this giant? When did it become the number one provider for information globally? What is a search engine [...]

Is Your Computer Feeling Bloated? New Beano Software

by Sean Wilcoxson A new PC utility enables users to slim up there computer and cut down on all those programs you do not need which fills up disk space. “Bloatware”, or software bloat, is a term that is used to describe the unnecessary features that are not being used but takes up valuable space on your computer. In the beginning, back in the 1970’s, every byte was accounted for because disk space was like gold not to be wasted. It [...]

An excellent Gmail extension for Chrome

If you’re a user of Google’s internet browser Chrome, their arguable answer to Mozilla’s Firefox (offering much of the same functionality and performance that places these two competing browser’s well ahead of Microsoft’s stagnant Internet Explorer), there’s a good chance you also use Gmail. With Chrome now supporting extensions, a long overdue addition to its impressive features, we have a new extension that augments your Gmail experience. Called Better Gmail for Chrome, this is an unofficial extension that renders your [...]

Google’s City Tours plans your trips for you

Planning a trip that will see you taking long walks through an as yet unexplored city with winding streets and the confusing noise of bustling pedestrians? Bringing your smartphone along for the trip? If your answer to the two questions above is “yes,” you might be interested in yet another innovative offering from Google, a nice accompaniment that aids those travelers looking to work those legs during their travels. Part of Google Lab’s stable of services being tested before an official [...]

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