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Fake Anti-virus

Is this a real anti-virus program?

Over in the Geek Choice office,  one of the more common problems clients ask us to assist them with are phony solicitations for anti-malware programs. When browsing the internet, users encounter bogus virus and spyware alerts that prompt them to input personal information: Credit card # Checking Account # Social security # Address and telephone # These are more commonly referred to as "Phishing" viruses. Understandably, many of them are concerned about surrendering such sensitive information, worried that it’ll be used for purposes other [...]


360 Million Accounts Up For Sale

In the past couple of months, security hacks have made all kinds of headlines. Unfortunately, this trend has no end in sight. According to Hold Security LLC and it's chief security officer Alex Holden, around 360 million accounts have been compromised in attacks. One attack compromised over 105 million accounts alone. With these accounts, cyber criminals are selling an additional 1.125 billion emails to spammers. But these 360 million include usernames, passwords, and emails in unencrypted word. Holden believes these [...]

What About Routers?

When we used a dial-up connection to the Internet, security was not a significant problem. With today's "always on" broadband connections, security has become a major concern. This discussion applies only to broadband connections like DSL or cable modem connections. Many broadband connections come with a router built in to the modem. If the box that came from the telephone company or cable company has more than one plug that looks like a wide telephone jack, chances are that you have [...]

Tips for Securing your Wireless Connection

The reason we secure a wireless network is to stop people from using the services of our network who don't have permission to utilize them. It is harder to secure a wireless network from hackers as compared to a classic wired network. This is due to the fact that a wireless network can be accessed anywhere inside the range of its antenna. In order to secure a wireless network from hackers, we should take proper steps to save ourselves against [...]

Privacy Threats: What Privacy?

Turn on the computer, wait a couple minutes for it to load up, click on your internet browser, and enter into a world where anyone can see where you are and what you are doing. Sure, we keep our business and personal life separate right? That is why we have "personal" and "work" computers, but there is a big difference as to how the meaning of "personal" actually is true. You cannot go anywhere now without being taped, you [...]

Microsoft Security and How Essential It Is

If you are new to the Geek Choice Blogs, then you are in for an awakening, as this blog is where you can come for the TRUTH. We are hit with information as soon as we wake up and it lasts all day until we go unconscious. This can lead to health problems, as well as bad habits, so at this blog we try to alleviate the symptoms by cutting out all the B.S. and getting down to the [...]

Staying Safe This Holiday Season

Yes, you have started to hear no doubt about the holidays and all it's wonderful magic. No doubt you have also heard about being safe, usually in reference to too much drinking at those awkwardly awful family parties and the weather. But at Geek Choice we want to key you in on more important matters: your computer safety. How safe is your computer? If you use the internet you take the risk of catching a virus, like the cold it [...]

Virgin America & Google’s Free WiFi for the Holidays: What You Need to Know

Virgin America has teamed up with Google to offer customers free in-flight WiFi between November 10th, 2009 and January 15th, 2010. If you get the opportunity to take advantage of this special offer from Virgin America, the security of your internet will probably be the last thing on your mind, but it shouldn't be. Any time that your computer is connected to a public wireless network without proper precautions, you're at risk. When you're on an open wireless network with [...]

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