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What About Routers?

When we used a dial-up connection to the Internet, security was not a significant problem. With today's "always on" broadband connections, security has become a major concern. This discussion applies only to broadband connections like DSL or cable modem connections. Many broadband connections come with a router built in to the modem. If the box that came from the telephone company or cable company has more than one plug that looks like a wide telephone jack, chances are that you have [...]

The Truth about the “Fast” Connections

Most people who use the internet know that certain sites are slow, and others are fast. Only some really know why. The reason is, yes you guessed it, too many people overloading the web page, but it goes deeper than that. Your Internet Service Provider is behind the scenes controlling the speed of the internet, they are the reason why this blog loaded so slow. It is not because so many people are reading the interesting articles at Geek [...]

An Introduction to the Internet

Computers is a fast growing technology that is improving, upgrading, and coming out with crap everyday. For older people or for those who just do not believe in the PC or Mac company philosophy, learning about the computer is a struggle against ignorance. But once that person educates his or herself, then life becomes much better due to the fact that they can access the internet and understand how to use it. Here at Geek Choice we see the [...]

Feed Me! RSS feeds fill us up!

If you are not yet full from all the information being fed to you over the internet these days, try a Really Simple Syndication, or RSS as it is commonly known as. The syndicate is a way for you to subscribe to a certain web page, blog, or any site that is constantly updating information as a way to follow what these sites are doing. It has an interesting history, and it involves one of our favorite web browsers of [...]

Tired of Weak or No Signal?

That damn yellow triangle sign where your wireless bars should be has a "!" telling you that the signal is there, but due to a weak signal or no signal your internet use is put on hold. Until the signal can regain strength, your first thought might be to sit there patiently and wait it out, but who has time for that anymore? We live in a digital world, a wireless world, one that is very fast and waiting [...]

U.S. Lags Behind the World in Internet Speed

The United States is thought of as always first, always the best, always everything great and prestigious. Then why is the United States 25th in the world for internet connection speeds? Something is wrong here, there is a problem that needs to be solved, but how will that happen if we can barely connect to the internet? The world wide web runs the world now, and we wonder why we are so far behind all of a sudden According to [...]

Super Wifi

Super WiFi and the Future of Wireless

It seems we have been settling for less in the world of wireless connections. All this time we could have been speeding as fast as cable modems on WiFi. Last September the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) made important steps to freeing up space that is not being used called "white space"; the airwaves between broadcast television. What this means is the 'limited access' connection you have outside Starbucks or any other source of public WiFi? No more, the "white space" [...]

Google Chrome is Shiny with Version 8

On and on it goes, updates to better and faster versions of an already decent web browser from Google. Chrome is what homies would call "Bling Bling", or "Fresh", since right now it is rising to the top with all the new gear. Just what is the new gear, and how does it apply to your life? That is exactly what Geek Choice Blogs is here for: to answer any of those perplexing questions that you might have concerning your [...]

Staying Safe This Holiday Season

Yes, you have started to hear no doubt about the holidays and all it's wonderful magic. No doubt you have also heard about being safe, usually in reference to too much drinking at those awkwardly awful family parties and the weather. But at Geek Choice we want to key you in on more important matters: your computer safety. How safe is your computer? If you use the internet you take the risk of catching a virus, like the cold it [...]

Remember Netscape? It’s Back!

A new internet browser has hit the scene of an already crowded stage. It goes by the name of Rockmelt, and it is a change from the regular browser scheme. What Rockmelt does is use your Facebook ID to log onto the browser, anywhere in the world, and allow you to surf the net faster and easier. Behind the stage of internet browsers is the maker of Netscape. Has everyone forgot about this guy? Well he is back, and [...]

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