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The Task Bar: Too Much to Ask Bar?

Since Windows 95 the incorporation of the Taskbar into the Personal Computer has made the interface much easier to navigate and use. Starting to the left is the Start Menu, which enables the user to click on and enter into recently opened programs like your internet browser or Word document, see what programs you have installed, and where they are stored in various folders. This is a great enabler of performing tasks fast and easy. To the right of [...]

All About File Systems

Here at Geek Choice we try to educate these people, teach them all about the basics to the complicated, and hope that it helps with the sometimes frustrating experience. This frustration can turn into anger which then might result into an Office Space scene smashing the computer with a baseball bat. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that this blog is here to help. When we get calls from people, they are stressed out and are at the [...]

Computer Slowing Down? Defrag to the Rescue!

Over time, the fixed disk on a computer becomes fragmented. Fragmentation is where related information is scatter over the disk, requiring numerous head movements and causing the computer to slow down. It can also cause the computer not to shut down properly, or to hang when you try to shut down. When it gets to that point, it's time to format the drive and reinstall the operating system. All data will be lost! But have no fear my dear, there [...]

Printer Problems? Tips for Solving the Riddles

That is just what a printer problem is, a riddle, a riddle that can only be solved if you know the exact answer to the issue blocking your document from being printed. Even if you figure out the problem and do what is required as said on the little LCD screen to fix it, the printer likes to mess with you and tell you that it is still not fixed. No wonder those Office Space guys took the printer [...]

Common PC Problems

Problems are attached to your PC from the day you buy one, it is as natural as nature, but what can you do about them to minimize  the problem and make it does not turn into one you cannot solve? There are a couple actions you can take to ensure peace of mind and comfort of use knowing that the machine you paid $2,ooo dollars will not be breaking down anytime soon. Most of the time, it is not being skilled enough or able to [...]

Recover Deleted Files

At one point in the life of computing, everyone has mistakenly deleted a file. Does that mean the files we delete are permanently gone for good, with no chance of ever seeing them again? Not necessarily. There are ways to recover the deleted files. Sometimes the file is still in the Recycling Bin, in which that is easy to recover. When you "remove" a file from the Bin, it is still on your hard drive, just not accessible from the folders [...]

Storage Footprints in the Sand

Instead of one or two sets of storage footprints in the sand, there could be hundreds as you operate your business or personal activities on the computer. It is a nuisance to you and to everyone who wants a fast working computer because data storage stores hundreds of ONE file. Who knew? Not a lot of people, that's who, because all this happens behind the LCD scene. There are all these processes that go on that we do not see, [...]

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Fighting Computer Repair Problems: When Should You Flight?

At Geek Choice our main priority is to heal your ailing Computer back to full health with our caring service and our dedicated mission. But what do you do before you call us for computer repair? How do you know that your computer has a problem? Obviously it has stopped working properly and you are frustrated, but stop for a second and ask what the real problem is. Knowing when to go to us can make the difference between [...]

Special ONE DAY ONLY sale of WinPatrol Plus for 99 Cents!

Want to maintain strict control over what’s running on your computer, keeping an eye on the use of your resources and restricting the operations of any process all the way to the farthest depths of your system? WinPatrol Plus is a popular and extremely powerful tool that allows Windows users to monitor every aspect of their system, taking the core features of your Task Manager and amplifying them considerably. From controlling what launches at your startup to alerting you of [...]

Trim your Startup process with these tools

When booting up your computer, it’s probable that the startup process is weighed down by the inclusion of programs that aren’t needed. They aren’t necessarily programs you don’t use, but they’re not critical when booting your computer up, making their addition to the startup process something of a strain – when all you want to do is have your computer boot up as fast as possible. There are several good startup managers available, all of which are free. They all [...]

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