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Install Windows 7 from your thumb drive

With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft has seen something of a resurgence in its standing, delivering on promises that past versions of their operating system has failed to fulfill.  Microsoft offers users the opportunity to download an .ISO image of Windows 7. This is convenient if you have a netbook to which you’d like to install the program. If you’re looking for a quick and painless way of simply taking that .ISO image and installing it with a thumb [...]

Looking for a netbook priced beneath $100? Look no further.

Budget-priced netbooks are all the rave. Offering much of the same functionality that your  standard laptop delivers, at a significantly less expense to your bank account, netbooks are compact mini-laptops that provide the convenient portability many of us demand in  these rapidly moving times. While they’re stripped of certain amenities we find in the typical laptop – a DVD drive, for example – they’re wifi-enabled and perfect for library-bound students or employees who need only access to the internet. The Android-powered [...]

What kind of laptop are you looking for?

Once a burgeoning niche product, laptops are fast becoming an established alternative for consumers opting for the convenience of portability over  being tied to a desktop. While desktops will continue to be used for tasks that aren’t feasible with the average laptop, the technology of portable computing has progressed to the point that many functions once limited to those desk bound mainstays are now available for people on the move. When choosing a portable computing solution, a number of considerations [...]

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