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Why am I infected with this virus?

Whether it's Conflickr or a new fake anti-spyware program, it seems like spyware and viruses are inescapable for any computer connected to the Internet. It's estimated that the amount spent annually on security software in the United States has risen to over $800 million in recent years, but computers are still getting infected daily. Why aren't we virus free yet? The answer lies in the nature of malicious programming. Computer viruses don't spring up out of nowhere, they're designed by [...]

Tired of Weak or No Signal?

That damn yellow triangle sign where your wireless bars should be has a "!" telling you that the signal is there, but due to a weak signal or no signal your internet use is put on hold. Until the signal can regain strength, your first thought might be to sit there patiently and wait it out, but who has time for that anymore? We live in a digital world, a wireless world, one that is very fast and waiting [...]

Special ONE DAY ONLY sale of WinPatrol Plus for 99 Cents!

Want to maintain strict control over what’s running on your computer, keeping an eye on the use of your resources and restricting the operations of any process all the way to the farthest depths of your system? WinPatrol Plus is a popular and extremely powerful tool that allows Windows users to monitor every aspect of their system, taking the core features of your Task Manager and amplifying them considerably. From controlling what launches at your startup to alerting you of [...]

Specify which programs users can run in Windows 7

If you’re the administrator of a shared computer on which you have multiple users, you very well could be someone who wants that computer used for a specific purpose, wanting to limit access to a select few applications. This is especially true of businesses where lapses in productivity could be a concern. You could be a manager looking to have your network administrator to craft a means of increasing the productivity of employees, or you might be a parent [...]

An easy and safe way to test Google Public DNS

Announced a couple of weeks ago, Google has recently rolled out with Google Public DNS, which is a said to increase the speed at which you browse the internet. Completely free, Google’s service replaces your Internet Service Provider’s DNS with theirs. If you’re someone that feels uneasy when messing with the settings associated with your router and internet connection, you might be interested in an extremely easy-to-use application that gives you an opportunity to test Google’s Public DNS and determine [...]


Setting up a firewall can put your mind at ease

Within the private confines of their home, away from the prying eyes of co-workers lurking nearby, the average user of a home PC figures they can surf  the internet without worrying about intruders. Spyware and Viruses are all that concern them, the installation of malware protection enough to ward off any stress about their computer's vulnerability. Yet, no matter how much we caution users against leaving their computers unprotected from malware, those pests are not the only threat to which [...]

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