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The Keys and The Programs

Here at Geek Choice we try to help the people who might not be so computer-savvy or people who are new to using them. At this blog, that is our mission: to instruct, to teach, and to educate everyone who is interested in knowing certain tips, tricks, and general information from everything to viruses and security to basic functions. For today, let's look at taking "Control" of your computer. The key located directly at the bottom left of your keyboard [...]

The Task Bar: Too Much to Ask Bar?

Since Windows 95 the incorporation of the Taskbar into the Personal Computer has made the interface much easier to navigate and use. Starting to the left is the Start Menu, which enables the user to click on and enter into recently opened programs like your internet browser or Word document, see what programs you have installed, and where they are stored in various folders. This is a great enabler of performing tasks fast and easy. To the right of [...]

All About File Systems

Here at Geek Choice we try to educate these people, teach them all about the basics to the complicated, and hope that it helps with the sometimes frustrating experience. This frustration can turn into anger which then might result into an Office Space scene smashing the computer with a baseball bat. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that this blog is here to help. When we get calls from people, they are stressed out and are at the [...]

Tired of Weak or No Signal?

That damn yellow triangle sign where your wireless bars should be has a "!" telling you that the signal is there, but due to a weak signal or no signal your internet use is put on hold. Until the signal can regain strength, your first thought might be to sit there patiently and wait it out, but who has time for that anymore? We live in a digital world, a wireless world, one that is very fast and waiting [...]

OmniDiskSweeper helps manage your Hard Drive space

If you are a Mac user becoming frustrated by the rapidly depleting space on your hard drive, puzzled by just what’s occupying what was once available, this free application will give you some of the answers you’ve sought. It’s called OmniDiskSweeper, and it quickly provides users a detailed rundown on what’s sitting on your hard drive, with a simple delineation of the exact files residing in your folders. When starting OmniDiskSweeper, you’re prompted to select the drive you wish to review. [...]

Tired of Firefox consuming all of that RAM?

If you’re a frequent user of Firefox, you’ve probably become well aware of how much memory the program begins consuming after extended use, a problem that persists with even the latest version. While this browser is deservedly praised for it’s the functionality and customizability (made possible by the numerous extensions that improve the Firefox experience), its drain on memory – an issue is known to also occur on systems with plenty of memory – can become a nuisance that [...]

Tune up Firefox for improved performance

Often praised for its functionality, with a feature set that has made it more popular than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, a persistent criticism of Firefox has been its speed.  Despite its intuitive accessibility and powerfully customizable interface, the performance of this browser – even for systems on which such issues are a rarity -- has been problematic. When several tabs are opened, Firefox has become notorious for using an inordinate amount of memory.  On systems with a minimal amount of ram, [...]

A free diagnostic tool for your computer

Commonly experienced by even the newest computers,  the diminished performance of a system  can be attributed to any number of problems.  It could be software or hardware, conflicting drivers, or a memory leakage. Whatever the root cause of your frustration, arriving at an answer isn't easy, but having a direction in which to travel just became a bit more manageable. PC Pitstop is a neat diagnostic tool that provides users with a comprehensive overview of their system -- performance, security, drivers, [...]

Fragmentation can be frustrating

Slow performance is the toll incurred by every computer, no matter how cutting edge it was when purchased.  While the technology housed within the computer remains static, the industry behind that technology moves forward,  always introducing new advances in how we compute. The frustration we feel when confronted by slow performance is understandable, when considering its impact on our use. From diminished productivity in the office to its interruption of our home use, sluggish performance is a common problem that [...]

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