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Weak Passwords

What is your password? Just kidding, don't tell me, I will just guess and maybe get it right. Or I will easily hack into it with any number of programs available on the internet. We live in an age where one can search for anything on the web and receive information like how to build a bomb.  Breaking passwords is easier, so be prepared. Here at Geek Choice we see it happen all the time. People call in asking for [...]

‘Tis the Season to Shop Online

It does not come soon enough, this holy holiday, when depression rates soar and stress doubles during a a few months in the winter; yes, Christmas is here! We all know shopping is done and the gifts are bought for our kids, friends, and loved ones, but this year it seems everyone is going online to shop. This brings up new threats to your security and new ways for those pesky thieves to get your money. Here are ways to [...]

Privacy Threats: What Privacy?

Turn on the computer, wait a couple minutes for it to load up, click on your internet browser, and enter into a world where anyone can see where you are and what you are doing. Sure, we keep our business and personal life separate right? That is why we have "personal" and "work" computers, but there is a big difference as to how the meaning of "personal" actually is true. You cannot go anywhere now without being taped, you [...]

Privacy Protection: What Privacy?

They do not call it the "World Wide Web" for nothing. It is a spider-web, and it is world wide the information that is about you and is out there for everyone to see, if they really wanted to. The spider on the web is anyone who searches your name using different programs or services provided online, and it is amazing what comes up. Say someone wants to know what you are up to. By tracking the electronic foot prints [...]

The RockYou Database has been hacked (important if you use Facebook, etc.)

Of critical importance to any of you who use social networking sites such as Facebook and the various applications to which you can subscribe while using them (think Mafia Wars, etc.) is the recent news of the RockYou Database being compromised by hackers. Occurring on December 4th, the RockYou Database was infiltrated by the nefarious types who scour the internet for penetrable networks from which sensitive information can be retrieved and used for criminal purposes. Username and passwords were stolen, [...]

Facebook offers users more control over their privacy

When using social networks such as MySpace or Facebook, privacy is of paramount concern, with the details of your private life sensitive enough that you might want to restrict the availability of that information to those people you trust. Today, Facebook unveiled a revamped privacy interface, affording its users even more control over how their information is filtered to those viewing their pages. With over 350 million users, making it the world’s largest social network, Facebook is hoping this gives [...]

Protecting yourself from email scams

Most of us are already well familiar with the frustrations of spam: unsolicited email advertisements. In recent years, unwanted emails have evolved in an attempt to avoid increasingly advanced filters and wary consumers. The contents and goals of unsolicited emails are not always the same, however, and some emails are more dangerous than others. We've put together a list of red flags to help you quickly identify emails that may be harmful to your computer and your wallet. Suspicious attachments Attaching [...]

Want to know what Google has been keeping track of?

For all the praise it receives for its ground-breaking services and the advances they’ve introduced to our use of the internet, Google has also been viewed as a pioneer of dubious intentions, an increasingly vocal chorus of criticism rallying around what some denounce as the company’s tendency to overstep its bounds where privacy is concerned. While there’s no denying that Google’s products have ushered in a considerable shift in how we take advantage of the ever-evolving internet, concerns have been [...]

Sometimes, history is best forgotten — on Firefox

We’re all guilty of happening upon a website from which we’d like to quickly exit. Even if just the result of an inadvertently clicked link, our travels on the web will always consist of visits to sites which are best tucked in the remote corners of our memory. If your internet adventures are taken with Firefox, here is a quick way to expunge from your browsing history those websites which you’d no sooner forget. Two methods effectively address this need: FIRST SOLUTION: In [...]


Setting up a firewall can put your mind at ease

Within the private confines of their home, away from the prying eyes of co-workers lurking nearby, the average user of a home PC figures they can surf  the internet without worrying about intruders. Spyware and Viruses are all that concern them, the installation of malware protection enough to ward off any stress about their computer's vulnerability. Yet, no matter how much we caution users against leaving their computers unprotected from malware, those pests are not the only threat to which [...]

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