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Another Facebook Update

I know, if you were just born then this is already old news about Facebook being used for everything except actually living your life. But quit running from the truth and acting like you are too good for such a thing as being social on a network. The truth is that Facebook is instantaneous information in your face internet intensity. The internet is supposed to be all of that allowing people across the globe to communicate with each other [...]

Remember Netscape? It’s Back!

A new internet browser has hit the scene of an already crowded stage. It goes by the name of Rockmelt, and it is a change from the regular browser scheme. What Rockmelt does is use your Facebook ID to log onto the browser, anywhere in the world, and allow you to surf the net faster and easier. Behind the stage of internet browsers is the maker of Netscape. Has everyone forgot about this guy? Well he is back, and [...]

ZScreen captures images and uploads them for you

In this era of social networking, where the internet has become our main channel of communication, sharing pictures has become a routine activity. Finding hosts for those pictures is as easy as surfing to any number of free sites that offer storage and linking of as many pictures as you would like, where the simple generation of a fresh url allows you to link your image on whichever forum you’d like to broadcast the latest exploits you’ve captured. Zscreen is an [...]


Photograbber helps you collect all those Facebook photos

  Having so many friends on Facebook, it’s difficult to keep track of just how many photos of yourself that others have tagged. From that office retreat back in April to a family picture taken during the holidays, tagged photos can pop up out of nowhere, with you unknowingly present in some of them. Instead of asking them for a copy of that photo, you can use Photograbber, a neat utility that simply collects all of those photos in which [...]

An easy and seamless way to resize your pictures

In this age of social networking, where making the public privy to the happenings of our personal life has become something of an industry, picture sharing is as common as sending emails. Whether you’re uploading a picture to Facebook or any number of the other sites you frequent, it’s important to pay close attention to the size of the pic you’re uploading, many of these sites placing restrictions on the size of the picture you’re sharing. In the past, resizing [...]

The RockYou Database has been hacked (important if you use Facebook, etc.)

Of critical importance to any of you who use social networking sites such as Facebook and the various applications to which you can subscribe while using them (think Mafia Wars, etc.) is the recent news of the RockYou Database being compromised by hackers. Occurring on December 4th, the RockYou Database was infiltrated by the nefarious types who scour the internet for penetrable networks from which sensitive information can be retrieved and used for criminal purposes. Username and passwords were stolen, [...]

Facebook offers users more control over their privacy

When using social networks such as MySpace or Facebook, privacy is of paramount concern, with the details of your private life sensitive enough that you might want to restrict the availability of that information to those people you trust. Today, Facebook unveiled a revamped privacy interface, affording its users even more control over how their information is filtered to those viewing their pages. With over 350 million users, making it the world’s largest social network, Facebook is hoping this gives [...]


Yahoo! and Facebook team up

  If you’re a Facebook user who also happens to be a frequent user of Yahoo!, there’s some good news that should pique the interests of those looking for a new way to check the updates of your Facebook page and share news culled from Yahoo! to your Facebook stream. Announced today, with a planned rollout in the first half of 2010, this comes by way of the Facebook Connect initiative that will be integrated across Yahoo! Servers worldwide. As told [...]

Facebook’s Photo Uploader gets a new….Face

For users of Facebook, the popular social networking site, it’s been reported that the company has made a recent addition to its features that may pique the interests of those who spend a good amount of time uploading pictures. At its core, Facebook is a social networking tool, allowing people the world over to connect and establish new relationships while rediscovering old ones. Part of the experience – for those who aren’t shy – is uploading the photos that [...]

Be careful of what you post on Myspace and Facebook

As we all know, social networking is all the craze, with everyone from our children to the family dog posting updates on their social networking site of choice -- the most popular ones being Myspace and Facebook. These sites allow you to stay in touch with family, catch up with old friends you've lost contact with, and introduce bits of your life for public consumption. While these sites are tremendously beneficial for the aforementioned uses, particularly when it comes to [...]

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