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Fake Anti-virus

Is this a real anti-virus program?

Over in the Geek Choice office,  one of the more common problems clients ask us to assist them with are phony solicitations for anti-malware programs. When browsing the internet, users encounter bogus virus and spyware alerts that prompt them to input personal information: Credit card # Checking Account # Social security # Address and telephone # These are more commonly referred to as "Phishing" viruses. Understandably, many of them are concerned about surrendering such sensitive information, worried that it’ll be used for purposes other [...]

How to Thoroughly Clean-Up Your PC

It is amazing how many files are being saved on the computer right now as this blog is being created. Hundreds of cookies, caches, and temporary internet files are stored in folders across the hard drive, taking up valuable space you need for important files. A perfect tool that is free to download is called CCleaner 3.0 and it works like a miracle. I just downloaded it to test it out, it takes about two minutes total to get it [...]

When to Repair and When to Replace.

One of the most frequently asked questions in this field is:  should I pay for computer repair or get a new computer instead?  This isn't as tough to figure out as it sounds.  Some people have an emotional attachment to their computers that makes it a bit more difficult than it has to be, but usually it's pretty simple.  So, let's go over how to make the decision to repair or replace. As a PC repair technician when I am [...]

Grand Opening

Welcome to the new GeekChoiceBlog.com, the blog for Geek Choice, the best on-site computer repair company around.  In business since 1996 and  headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts we are a nationwide computer service company specializing in:  Computer Setup, Spyware Removal, Virus Removal, Data Backup and Recovery, Wireless Networking, Network Setup, Computer Repair, Firewalls, and much more. We hope to provide you with the latest news and updates that you need to keep up to date with the world of computers and [...]

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