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Technology brings art to life

Technology brings art to life

Have you ever been browsing a museum or art gallery, when all of a sudden the painting seems to be alive – looking back at you? You may think that this was brought on only by a passionate connection to art, or to the particular piece you were looking at, but now one can say that technology brings art to life. How? you may ask. Well, now that life-like art can be what NTT Communication Science Laboratories calls, Projection [...]


Top Tech Companies That Went Belly Up

Earlier this week, I did a report on the stock market demise of Blackberry. I thought about other once major tech giants that went down.  Some had great promise at the beginning and just couldn't evolve with the technology of today, others were doomed from the start. Guess who made the list? 10. 3D FX Interactive:They once led the field in 3D technology and graphics cards. By the late '90s, lack of research and development caused them to build graphics card [...]

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Top 10 Technologically Advanced Countries

This week, I've been reporting a lot about other countries, like China and Israel. That got me thinking; which are the most Technologically Advanced Countries as of May 2013? So here we go the top 10 as seen by Geek Choice 10. The Netherlands: Over 33 percent of her residents have a computer in their home, one of the highest ratios in the world. 9. China: Many tech products are made there. They're known for hacking into US systems. They're perhaps the [...]

Kindle for PC let’s you take Amazon’s Kindle for a free test drive

E-readers are fast becoming as ubiquitous as smart phones, giving us gem of a solution that offers a veritable library of books in a handheld device. Amazon’s Kindle is one of the more popular e-readers, but you might want to try out its functionality before deciding to move forward with a purchase. Amazon has released a free E-reader application that essentially emulates the functionality of the Kindle, giving you a chance to see if this is something you’d like to [...]

Google Voice pushes telecommunications forward.

A renowned pioneer in web technology, creating the most popular search engine in use today, Google stands at the forefront of companies pushing towards a future that is tied to the rapidly evolving world of the internet. With some of the most brilliant minds at work beneath their roof, the services resulting from their ingenuity have fundamentally changed how we communicate with one another. From Gmail to Google Wave, to products from competitors who're invariably playing "catch up," evidence of [...]

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