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Google’s City Tours plans your trips for you

Planning a trip that will see you taking long walks through an as yet unexplored city with winding streets and the confusing noise of bustling pedestrians? Bringing your smartphone along for the trip? If your answer to the two questions above is “yes,” you might be interested in yet another innovative offering from Google, a nice accompaniment that aids those travelers looking to work those legs during their travels. Part of Google Lab’s stable of services being tested before an official [...]

Want FREE WiFi during your Holiday Travels?

Though many us will be traveling over the holidays, we’re still bound by our responsibilities at work, with wireless access keeping us connected to the office wherever we find ourselves. Even if you’re not obligated to work during your vacation, you might still be one of millions who’re hopelessly addicted to the internet, needing access on the fly. If you’re looking for free WiFi access while traveling, PC World has compiled a wonderfully informative list of nationwide businesses offering WiFi [...]

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