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Mobile Wi-Fi is on the Move

Remember when you had to drive across town to get a signal from wireless connections coming out of cafe's or someone's house? It seems like a faint memory now, as technology speeds on with or without us, those days are done. Today there is a way to carry a Wi-Fi signal with you. This is a growing trend that will only keep getting more use because people need connections, and they need them now. Not down the street, not [...]

Want FREE WiFi during your Holiday Travels?

Though many us will be traveling over the holidays, we’re still bound by our responsibilities at work, with wireless access keeping us connected to the office wherever we find ourselves. Even if you’re not obligated to work during your vacation, you might still be one of millions who’re hopelessly addicted to the internet, needing access on the fly. If you’re looking for free WiFi access while traveling, PC World has compiled a wonderfully informative list of nationwide businesses offering WiFi [...]

McDonald’s will begin offering Free WiFi in January of 2010

If you regularly patronize McDonalds, finding yourself a fan of their Big Macs, you might be interested in knowing that the company is poised to introduce WiFi for its customers. Starting in January, McDonalds will be delivering free WiFi access for visitors to its establishments, pairing their famous fast food with a perk that catapults them into the information age. Previously coming at an expense of $2.95 for 2 hours of service, it’ll become free in January, making customers more [...]

WIFI takes flight

If you’re a frequent flyer who’d love to be able to take your laptop aboard a plane and use the internet, WIFI is now being offered by American Airlines, servicing all of its MD-80 aircraft – with implementation of the WIFI service planned for additional fleets in time.  They’ve even included an easily accessible – by PC or phone – online widget that’ll inform you if your upcoming flight is WIFI enabled. This tool answers queries that are 24 [...]

What kind of laptop are you looking for?

Once a burgeoning niche product, laptops are fast becoming an established alternative for consumers opting for the convenience of portability over  being tied to a desktop. While desktops will continue to be used for tasks that aren’t feasible with the average laptop, the technology of portable computing has progressed to the point that many functions once limited to those desk bound mainstays are now available for people on the move. When choosing a portable computing solution, a number of considerations [...]

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