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Five Reasons to Look Through the Windows 7

By Sean Wilcoxson About a year ago Windows 7 hit the computer world, offering a wide variety of new features, and in the past year it has showed everyone just how strong a Operating System it is. How else did it become the fastest selling OS in history? Among the many things that make Windows 7 what it is, there are seven that stand out. Let's take a look at what exactly is going on when we look out of the [...]

Is Your Computer Feeling Bloated? New Beano Software

by Sean Wilcoxson A new PC utility enables users to slim up there computer and cut down on all those programs you do not need which fills up disk space. “Bloatware”, or software bloat, is a term that is used to describe the unnecessary features that are not being used but takes up valuable space on your computer. In the beginning, back in the 1970’s, every byte was accounted for because disk space was like gold not to be wasted. It [...]

Specify which programs users can run in Windows 7

If you’re the administrator of a shared computer on which you have multiple users, you very well could be someone who wants that computer used for a specific purpose, wanting to limit access to a select few applications. This is especially true of businesses where lapses in productivity could be a concern. You could be a manager looking to have your network administrator to craft a means of increasing the productivity of employees, or you might be a parent [...]

JumpLaunch gives you Quick Launch access in Windows 7

While being a release that has seen Microsoft regain much of the faith it lost with recent installments of its operating system, Windows 7 arrived with many long adored features either missing or peculiarly buried in such a way as to make their use unnecessarily tedious. For those of you pining for the Quick Launch toolbar, it’s still available, but you’ll need to perform a few quick tweaks to get it working. The contents of your Quick Launch folder can be [...]

With Windows 7, you can prevent users from shutting down or restarting their computer.

On a shared computer, the administrator may not wish to see the computer shut off by those authorized to use it. This is particularly true in an office, where productivity can be hindered when employees arriving to work find themselves having to wait as the computer boots up rather than being able to immediately log back into their computer console. In Windows 7, using the Local Group Policy Editor, those functions can be removed by hiding the “Shutdown” and “Restart” [...]

Install Windows 7 from your thumb drive

With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft has seen something of a resurgence in its standing, delivering on promises that past versions of their operating system has failed to fulfill.  Microsoft offers users the opportunity to download an .ISO image of Windows 7. This is convenient if you have a netbook to which you’d like to install the program. If you’re looking for a quick and painless way of simply taking that .ISO image and installing it with a thumb [...]

Device Doctor updates your drivers with ease

Ensuring that the latest drivers are installed on your computer can go quite a distance towards shielding you against the much dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.” Drivers are files  upon which your software and hardware depend, facilitating conflict-free communication between the various programs and devices comprising your computer system. For streamlined solutions that scan your computer for outdated drivers and provide the necessary updates, you’re usually looking at a fee. However, there is one solution that comes at no expense [...]

Send the Recycle Bin to your taskbar in Windows 7

Windows 7 is fast becoming Microsoft’s most popular release of their seminal operating system. More reliable than previous versions, with faster performance and considerably greater stability, this is an operating system that has returned Microsoft to an enviable position that they were displaced from because of problems encountered when using the two most recent installments – XP and Vista. With Windows 7 being a new version of the operating system, despite having many familiar holdovers from past installments, there are [...]

Microsoft Security updates may be causing Issues

If you’re a user of Microsoft’s most recent operating systems –XP, Vista, and the recently unveiled Windows 7 – you may want to heed the latest warnings about new  Microsoft Security updates released. According to reports, these recent security updates may be what’s precipitating a spate of system crashes that render the computer a lifeless black screen. Coming by way of PrevX, a UK based security company, users of its security software began complaining of the problem last week. [...]


Windows 7 AppLocker allows you to limit access to applications on your computer.

Many computers are shared by multiple people, be it a family or a small office filled with employees. If you have administrative privileges, provided the computer is your property, Windows 7 grants you the ability to determine just what applications can be accessed by the users of that computer with the use of AppLocker. There could be an application that only one or two people in your office are authorized to utilize, or you could be a parent who wants [...]

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