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DirectAccess Replaces VPN for Windows 7

Microsoft has unveiled Direct Access for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, remotely connecting users to their office as if they were right there. Establishing bi-directional connectivity with the user’s enterprise network, this solution keeps them connected to their office, forging a link each time the user’s computer – provided it’s enabled by DirectAccess – is connected to the internet. As the workforce transforms, with the information age evolving at a rapid pace, the needs of an organization adapt accordingly. [...]

Advanced Tools for the Average User

With the release of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, many of the performance issues present in past installments of this PC mainstay have been addressed, showing a measurable improvement in areas that were once headaches for even the most capable machines. Still, despite what would appear to be Microsoft’s welcome response to the chorus of complaints about XP and Vista, the onset of problems is to be expected for even the latest release. No operating system is immune from [...]

Microsoft makes Updating Windows easier

For those of you familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Operating System, you’re well aware of how critical it is to keep your system updated with the latest patches released by Microsoft. In addition to steeling you against any security breaches, these updates have been shown to significantly improve the performance of the operating system. Once a feature that many either ignored or reluctantly used, Windows Update has seen significant gains in its design since the transition to Windows Vista and the [...]

Want to create a repair disc for Windows 7?

Oftentimes, when arriving to a job with a client, our technicians find that the client has either misplaced or lost their Windows repair disc. While our technicians are  still equipped with the tools that a repair necessitates, it's always helpful if the client has an extra disc lying around. Though it’s considerably more stable than previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7 is still susceptible to the occasional crash, requiring the creation of a repair disc for those instances [...]

Can your computer handle Windows 7?

Windows 7 is upon us, ushering in the latest era of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. Faster and more functional, with less bloat than previous iterations, Windows 7 has been introduced to a surprisingly receptive audience. But all fanfare aside, the question of its compatibility with your system is of paramount concern. As has been the case with each version of Windows, successfully installing the package is contingent upon the present composition of your system. To shed light on what requirements your [...]

ALT-TAB has grown a bit stale

As any veteran of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System knows, the ALT-TAB function is a convenient way to immediately switch from one application to another, underscoring Windows’ multi-tasking properties. Like many features within Windows, while extremely functional, it doesn’t exactly lend itself to the overall appearance of the Windows platform. More important, the function can lead to frustration, with many people unsure of what “window” they’re switching to. However, for users of the latest versions of Windows (XP, Vista, and the recently [...]

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