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PC v.s. Mac: Who Will Win the War?

It is all over television and magazine ads, and you might have run into those people who have different opinions than yours, about which computer is better: The PC or the Mac? Yes, there are two types of people in the world today that differ in their preference for a computer system, and they turn that preference into a side which they stand on thinking their choice is better. In one commercial there is a hip guy who has been [...]

Device Doctor updates your drivers with ease

Ensuring that the latest drivers are installed on your computer can go quite a distance towards shielding you against the much dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.” Drivers are files  upon which your software and hardware depend, facilitating conflict-free communication between the various programs and devices comprising your computer system. For streamlined solutions that scan your computer for outdated drivers and provide the necessary updates, you’re usually looking at a fee. However, there is one solution that comes at no expense [...]

Microsoft Security updates may be causing Issues

If you’re a user of Microsoft’s most recent operating systems –XP, Vista, and the recently unveiled Windows 7 – you may want to heed the latest warnings about new  Microsoft Security updates released. According to reports, these recent security updates may be what’s precipitating a spate of system crashes that render the computer a lifeless black screen. Coming by way of PrevX, a UK based security company, users of its security software began complaining of the problem last week. [...]

Advanced Tools for the Average User

With the release of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, many of the performance issues present in past installments of this PC mainstay have been addressed, showing a measurable improvement in areas that were once headaches for even the most capable machines. Still, despite what would appear to be Microsoft’s welcome response to the chorus of complaints about XP and Vista, the onset of problems is to be expected for even the latest release. No operating system is immune from [...]

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