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Mobile Wi-Fi is on the Move

Remember when you had to drive across town to get a signal from wireless connections coming out of cafe's or someone's house? It seems like a faint memory now, as technology speeds on with or without us, those days are done. Today there is a way to carry a Wi-Fi signal with you. This is a growing trend that will only keep getting more use because people need connections, and they need them now. Not down the street, not [...]

Tired of Weak or No Signal?

That damn yellow triangle sign where your wireless bars should be has a "!" telling you that the signal is there, but due to a weak signal or no signal your internet use is put on hold. Until the signal can regain strength, your first thought might be to sit there patiently and wait it out, but who has time for that anymore? We live in a digital world, a wireless world, one that is very fast and waiting [...]

Super Wifi

Super WiFi and the Future of Wireless

It seems we have been settling for less in the world of wireless connections. All this time we could have been speeding as fast as cable modems on WiFi. Last September the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) made important steps to freeing up space that is not being used called "white space"; the airwaves between broadcast television. What this means is the 'limited access' connection you have outside Starbucks or any other source of public WiFi? No more, the "white space" [...]

What You Need to Know About 3G and 4G

Ever wonder what people are talking about when they are explaining the features of their new computer? Or are you in doubt on whether or not to upgrade your lap or desktop to a better network called "4G"? There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to these numbers and letters. 3G stands for Third Generation, its real name is International Mobile Telecommunications-2000, and it is what you see today in cell phones and other mobile devices. The 3G network [...]

DirectAccess Replaces VPN for Windows 7

Microsoft has unveiled Direct Access for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, remotely connecting users to their office as if they were right there. Establishing bi-directional connectivity with the user’s enterprise network, this solution keeps them connected to their office, forging a link each time the user’s computer – provided it’s enabled by DirectAccess – is connected to the internet. As the workforce transforms, with the information age evolving at a rapid pace, the needs of an organization adapt accordingly. [...]

Grand Opening

Welcome to the new GeekChoiceBlog.com, the blog for Geek Choice, the best on-site computer repair company around.  In business since 1996 and  headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts we are a nationwide computer service company specializing in:  Computer Setup, Spyware Removal, Virus Removal, Data Backup and Recovery, Wireless Networking, Network Setup, Computer Repair, Firewalls, and much more. We hope to provide you with the latest news and updates that you need to keep up to date with the world of computers and [...]

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