Facebook Messenger Kids' Error

Facebook Messenger Kids’ Error

So many parents, even in computer repair, get Facebook Messenger Kids. They get it because they can control who gets on their kids' pages. Think of it as a safety precaution. However, even the precaution went wrong. Let's look at this Facebook Messenger Kids' Error. So according to The Verge, Facebook sent a message to parents. The message warned them about a technical error. This error allowed a child's friend to start a chat in the app. However, these [...]

Will America Make The Next Moon Landing

Will America Make It Back To The Moon?

So last weekend, America celebrated the 50th anniversary on Man's Walk on the Moon. But the last time an American made it back to the moon was 1972. Now, there's a push to go back there. Will America make it back to the moon? So NASA announced the Orion will be ready to go back to the moon sometime after June 2020. However, it's first trip won't be taking human beings with it. Instead, the Space Launch System will send [...]

Face App Privacy Concerns

Face App Causes Privacy Concerns

So everybody is using the face app...except me. Many people think it's cute to change your face to 100 years old. But I just find it creepy. Enough about my shallow opinions. However, Face App causes privacy concerns. First of all, it's a Russian startup. Remember that whole Russia 2016 election controversy? Then, there are questionable cloud issues. Over 100 million people use the Face App now. In fact, it's now the most popular app in the Apple Store. [...]

Elon Musk Can't Go To Sleep

Elon Musk Wants Your Brain

So Elon Musk is one of the most ambitious geniuses in the IT service world today. First, he wants to put us in driverless cars. Then, he wants us on the moon. But now, Elon Musk wants your brain. So let me explain. Elon Musk heads a startup company Neuralink. Now, they're working on threads they can implant in the human brain. Furthermore, with these threads, they want to study, and eventually treat, brain disorders. In fact, Musk believes [...]

Tennis Star Funds Postpartum Care

Tennis Star Funds Postpartum Care

So tennis star Serena Williams is known for many things. But of these, perhaps the most important is mother to a toddler. Her reputation as an entrepreneur also grows. Now, this tennis star funds postpartum care. Tennis legend Serena Williams teams up with billionaire Mark Cuban to fund Mahmee. This is an IT service and software firm that helps new moms with postpartum care. Because many statistics say the first weeks and months after childbirth can be the toughest [...]

Introducing Boosted's Electric Scooter

Introducing Boosted’s Electric Scooter

So Boosted is one of the up and coming players in IT service. They gave us the electric skateboard. But wait...there's more. Here's introducing Boosted's electric scooter. So they call their electric scooter Boosted Rev. According to reviews I read, it does wonders but is heavy duty, literally. I say that because this scooter weighs 46 pounds. That's no joke. But they say it weighs so much because it packs so much power. If you think the weight is [...]

Thousands of Dancing Robots

Thousands of Dancing Robots: Cute or Creepy

So how did you celebrate your 4th yesterday? Did you have good food, good drink, and see good fireworks? Did you see robots dancing in the streets? Because in China, they broke a world record. They had thousands of dancing robots: cute or creepy? So in China, they lined up over 1,000 robot in horizontal and vertical fashioned. Then, as far as the lens camera can see, these robots dance in perfect sync with each other. Well, I wouldn't call [...]

STEM Inspires A Generation

STEM Inspires A Generation

So what to write about today? I can write about how many in the IT service community are already taking sides in this upcoming election. But I'm going to keep it positive. Let's talk about how STEM inspires a generation. So STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Stem started in the 1990s. But in the 2000s, as smartphone and social media tech boomed and changed the world, STEM became critical. Years ago, STEM partnered with FIRST. What FIRST [...]

Amazon's Counter Goes After Retail

Amazon’s Counter Goes After Retailers

So we all know Amazon pretty much owns e-commerce retail in the IT service industry. But now, they want to take over traditional retail too. Amazon's Counter goes after retailers. Amazon's new service, they call it Counter. With counter, you can pick up your Amazon purchases at a retailer near you, instead of waiting on home delivery. Furthermore, they already found a retail partner: drug store chain Rite Aid. They will soon and very soon partner with 100 Rite [...]

Kitty Hawk and Flying Taxis

Kitty Hawk and Flying Taxis

So when we all think of Kitty Hawk, history comes to mind. Most of us think of the first flight back in 1903. Nothing of IT support or tech innovation comes to mind. But maybe it should: Kitty Hawk and flying taxis. So in this story, Kitty Hawk is an up and coming flying car company. Furthermore, big names in the IT world back this company. I mean names like Google's Larry Page and Udacity's Sebastian Thrun. However, Kitty [...]

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