New York City Teenager

New York City Teenager Files Lawsuit Against Apple

So a New York City teenager files lawsuit against Apple. At the heart of this fight is Apple's facial recognition. The young man is sewing for $1 billion. So the young man's name is Ousmane Bah, and he is 18. His lawsuit says Apple's facial recognition made him a target of false accusations. The suit also says that last year, a Boston court summoned him on theft charges. The summons claimed he stole over $1,200 worth of Apple products. [...]

New Apple AirPods

New Apple AirPods and Wireless Charging Case

So a few days ago, I did a blog in how earbuds might cause cancer. Yes, there is concern in the IT service world. But it's not going to deter Apple (nor should it; there's a lot we don't know). Let's introduce the new Apple AirPods. So earlier today, Apple announced the second generation of their new AirPods. What's the difference? For one, you can access Siri with your voice, instead of tapping the bud. Also, this one comes with [...]

Can Wireless Headphones Cause Cancer?

Can Wireless Headphones Cause Cancer?

So wireless headphones are convenient  as well as popular. In fact, Apple sold over 28 million Apple Airpods so far. This shows no signs of slowing down. But health experts and researchers worry. Can wireless headphones cause cancer? So these concerns mainly come from the UN (United Nations) and WHO (World Health Organization). About 250 health leaders signed pacts with these global institutions. Because they have serious concerns about Apple Airpods and other wireless headphones causing cancer. Already, there are [...]

Traditional or Digital Advertising

Traditional or Digital Advertising: Ad Game Is Changing

So I started in the computer repair business  in the early 2000s. Back then, our biggest source of advertising was the phone book. But today, phone books rarely exist. I don't need to tell you that. Then I read an article that made me think. Traditional or digital advertising: the ad game is changing. So the article says the inevitable is happening. They predict that 2019 will be the first year companies will spend more on digital ads than tradition [...]

Wireless Chargers: Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Wireless Chargers: Last Minute Holiday Gifts

So, it's officially a week before Christmas Day. But you still can't figure out what tech or IT support gift to give. How does a wireless charger sound? Wireless chargers: Last minute holiday gifts. So you think a wireless charger is too expensive, do you? No, they are not. Because thanks to online shopping electronics store AUKEY, you can get a charger for under $20. First, the AUKEY wireless charger will run you about $13. It will recharge any smart device [...]

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts For Tech Moms

So most of us know the saying. If mama ain't happy, then nobody's happy. Don't let this be your dilemma this Mother's Day weekend. The IT support world wants to help. Here are last minute Mother's Day gifts for tech moms. So in this day age, just about everyone has a smart device. This also means in this day age, everyone is going to need earplugs. This is where Jaybird's X3 earbuds come in. Not only are these long lasting [...]

Verizon Rural Customers

Will Verizon Cut Off Rural Customers?

Will Verizon cut off rural customers? Some reports say so. Some reports also say Verizon will cut off rural services as early as October 17, 2017. They say it's because rural customers use lots of data while roaming away from the Verizon wireless network. Furthermore, their 'primary place of use' is outside Verizon's area. So far, they told over 8,000 customers in 13 states they were losing service. Apparently, Verizon cuts off rural customers because it's cheaper. They're not the [...]

Nest Thermostat E

Introducing the Nest Thermostat. How Does It Differs?

One thing I try to do is keep up with tech trends. Because even in our Boston computer service shop, people ask about such things. Though I never heard anyone ask about a thermostat, this one caught my eye. So here is introducing the Nest Thermostat. Well, they call this latest one the Nest Thermostat E. Yes, it still takes the room temperature. But this learns your temperature preference. For example, you keep setting your Nest Thermostat E to 72 [...]

Google Home's Voice Calling

Google Home’s Voice Calling Make It’s Debut

Everyone knows the AI assistant is the next big thing in computer tech today. But Google Home is taking it to a new level. So how would you like Google Home to make calls for you...without your smartphone? Google Home's voice calling make it's debut. Yes, this new system can place voice calls without a cellphone. Also, this new tool is now available in the US and Canada. It can support several users at one time. So let's say you [...]

Android Wear Glitches

Android Wear Glitches: So Bad Timing

The past several days are not good for Android/Google. Last weekend, they fought a spyware that got into your device. Then, I read about a glitch that messes up reminders. Android Wear Glitches: This is so bad timing. This glitch is in the Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. Smartwatch owners, not Android leaders, complain of bugs messing up the software. Furthermore, some say recent updates are causing these Android wear glitches. And then there are the watches that hardly work at [...]

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